Mom of a 1st baby

“There was no rush to decide when to go to the hospital, which was relaxing. We could envision and rehearse the process more easily because we were familiar with the setting. We were able to relax in our own home and our post-delivery care came to our home instead of taking the baby out in her first few days. Finally, Laurie’s soothing and calm, but knowledgeable and assertive personality, were essential to this positive experience.”

Mom of 6th baby, 1st homebirth

“I was in my clean, comfortable home with my family, in my own clothes!! My kids were able to hear the baby’s first cry and I got to hear their reaction! I loved having my own bed, bathroom and recliner which is so much more comfortable! My husband was in his glory when 3 deer came outside our window at noon. It was a sign to him that our baby would be a hunter!”

Mom of first baby, 11# 8 ozs

“Getting to reach down and feel my baby’s head. This really gave me the strength I needed to keep going. I also loved the fact that [my husband] was able to catch the baby and that the whole birth experience was so personal.”

Mom of a 5th baby, first homebirth and a VBAC

“Having my son handed to me immediately after we had worked so hard to bring him into the world. Walking to my bed to nurse as I watched my other children meet their sibling. It was so serene and beautiful; I wish all women could experience that in their births ~ the world would be a different place.”

Mom of 1st baby

“It was about what we wanted, not what the doctors wanted. I was able to give birth to my daughter the way God intended. It was a remarkable experience.”

Mom of 2nd baby, 1st homebirth, 1st vaginal birth

“The feeling of his little body sliding out and then being placed on me. That was the most precious moment I have ever had.”

Mom of first baby – 7# 12 ozs

“Being free to do what was comfortable [did not labor in bed, at all!] and being able to be in control of what was happening. It was an amazing experience. Everyone was so calm – that really helped to relax.”

Mom of an 8th baby, first homebirth

“My favorite aspect was the ability to labor at my own pace and not being hooked up to monitors or being told what to do.”

Mom of first baby, 10# 7oz boy

“That I got to rest at home, in my own bed, with my husband and baby the moment he was born and that my baby was never taken out of the room, away from me, even when they were checking him over.”

Mom of 3rd baby, 1st girl, breech homebirth

“Being able to hold her for so long after she was born.”