Mom of first baby – 7# 6ozs – born in water

“Being able to hold Carson immediately and see the miracle that had been growing inside me for 10 months. Being able to be the one to tell my husband he was a boy!”

Mom of first baby – 9#

“The highlight for me was feeling his head after he crowned – that gave me the desire to keep on pushing!”

Mom of 2nd baby, 1st homebirth – 6# 12 ozs

“The companionship I felt with Laurie and Pam in our home. It felt very normal. I could relax knowing they could handle what I might not expect. The pushing was SO much easier than it was with our hospital birth, since Laurie let me know I could rest and not push so hard.”

Mom of 3rd baby, 1st homebirth/waterbirth – 9# 8oz boy

“I loved that we were able to have him at home, in the water, and that my husband delivered the baby [with the midwives helping], and that my older girls were able to see their brother born.”

Mom of 2nd baby, 1st homebirth

“Pushing an 8# 12 oz. baby out without tearing/needing stitches!”

Mom of 3rd baby, 2nd homebirth, 3rd girl – born September 13th, 2001

“We were able to choose the settings in our own home. We both felt very comfortable and relaxed. By being able to relax, I could focus on letting my body do what it had to do to give birth.”

Mom of 3rd baby, 1st homebirth – 9#

“The extra bonding we had with the baby. Trusting the midwives to know and be understanding with the whole birthing process and sensitive with me and my family.”

Mom of 3rd baby, 2nd homebirth

“Being in the tub for pushing – it relieved a lot of the pain.”

Mom of 5th baby, 1st homebirth – 11# 4 ozs

“Holding sweet Jessica in my arms so soon after delivering her.”

Mom of first baby

“Looking down and realizing that the curled up little being was my baby, that she actually formed inside of me and finally came out to us. It was wonderful to have my mother, my husband, Patrice and Laurie with me and Sonya.”